Catch-up with David Skinner 18 months into his role at PIB

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David Skinner, PIB Employee Benefits

With 18 months behind him as Managing Director of PIB Employee Benefits, David Skinner reflects on his time so far and looks ahead to the future. David found some time out of his busy schedule for a quick-fire Q&A session with one of PIB’s newest employees and social media guru Morayo Davies.

Tell us about yourself?

I’ve worked in financial services for 25 years and started by working for our family business in the North of Scotland after university in 1992. We did everything from insurance broking to estate agency to financial services so it was very much like the British comedy-drama film “Local Hero”.

It was a nice environment and great way to start my career. We sold the company to Giles Insurance brokers where I took on the role as Chief Executive in Financial Services side of Giles, I then completed a very friendly management buyout from the wider Giles group in 2005. The business grew really well which was great and in 2007 I felt it was time to sell the company because of the business valuations at the time and felt there was potential market uncertainty ahead. I became a partner in various accountancy firms over the years, as part of the management team for their Financial Services divisions. In 2016, I joined PIB to progress the development of the Employee Benefits consultancy business.

You’ve been with PIB over a year now, what are the highlights?

When I joined, I was really excited about the vision for PIB Group, future plans to grow through acquisitions and organically, as well as the route to market which we would then have as an Employee Benefit Consultancy Firm. I’ve worked in insurance broking and financial services employee benefits and both are very complementary to each other. The insurance side looks after a lot of the physical assets of an organisation, while a team like PIB EB will help organisations look after their people so they are motivated and engaged.

It’s been a fantastic journey and nice to have a blank sheet of paper so that we can grow the company and align it to the direction of the market.

We’ve handpicked some top people and together we’ve been observing and learning from the changes and progress being made in the market. This has helped us develop our strategy and build the organisation as well as a proposition that is fit for purpose to enable us to continue moving forward over the next few years.

We’ve also established relationships with a number of strong affinity groups. For example, we’re very proud to be endorsed by the Law Society for England and Wales for whom we provide discount clubs to their members.

What’s next on your short-term agenda?

We’re releasing a special report in partnership with CEO Reports, a specialist online research and networking resource for ten thousand senior executives in major corporations and leading SME’s. The report is around innovation for employee benefits within the workplace; we’re really excited about it so look out for that coming soon!

We’re also attending a number of reward forums. They bring together large organisations who are looking at their employee benefits schemes (or considering introducing them) and better understand how PIB can help meet their needs.

Lastly in the spirit of employee wellbeing, what do you do to relax outside work?

I try and spend as much time with my family as possible. I live in Solihull in the West Midlands and have been there for the last 15 years. I’m married to my beautiful wife who is Mexican and we have three children who are nine, seven and the youngest is one year old. They are all bilingual and speak fluent Spanish and English. Unfortunately, I’m not bilingual, although I do speak Scottish and English – it’s an interesting dynamic in the house.

With three kids, I’d say ‘relaxing’ is difficult as I am kept on my toes literally day and night but they help me unwind! When I get a chance, I enjoy playing golf and hanging out with friends.

Is your organisation looking to introduce a new employee benefits scheme or looking to improve one already in place? If you’d like some help, then David and the PIB Employee Benefits team would love to hear from you. Drop them a line employee.benefits@pib-insurance.comor visit the website to find out more.