David Skinner: Knowing your employees is key for work-life balance

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“The recent YouGov ‘Work Life Balance – The Tools for Retention’ study finds that poor work-life balance can have a notable impact on employees (especially those aged 25-34 years). They tend to be more disengaged with life in general than the average person, envying their friends’ lifestyles (34%) and feeling alienated by modern life (46%).”

Our PIB Employee Benefits Managing Director, David Skinner, shares his views what employers should think about when prioritising work-life balance for their employees – including knowing their people and their priorities.

“The whole question of work-life balance is definitely a “hot topic” at the moment. Research from the University of Warwick shows that there is a direct link between happiness and productivity in the workforce. So, I think helping employees create the right balance between work and personal lives is becoming increasingly important.

In Europe for example, French companies are now required to guarantee their employees with the “right to disconnect” from technology which effectively means that work emails can be ignored after working hours. Meanwhile Sweden is trialling a shorter working week and some large organisations are looking at paid sabbaticals for their employees after they have reached a certain number of years’ service.

These things are happening in the industry. With prioritising work-life balance, a lot of it boils down to what sort of culture you are trying to create as an organisation. It is important to think hard about what is going to motivate your employees, based on the type of people they are, their age and their requirements. This comes down to truly understanding what your people need; hence the use of surveys to gather insight and adopting other forms of activity to drive engagement are becoming even more important.”

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