Through a new strategic partnership with Hertility, PIB Employee Benefits continues to strengthen and diversify its employee benefits proposition.

Hertility are specialists in fertility and reproductive health, with a unique emphasis on pre-emptive and preventative care. Founded in 2019, Hertility was created to help women and other people with ovaries take control of their reproductive health by enabling access to information, support and care which can be vital to both their fertility and their overall wellbeing.

Hertility have recently made headlines alongside Channel 4, with their newly launched employer accreditation titled ‘Reproductively Responsible™ Employer’, which Channel 4 are the first to receive. This accreditation is built on Hertility’s core beliefs that reproductive health support should encompass end-to-end care, starting from menstruation through to menopause, rather than the point of starting a family, and should support all employees from graduates all the way to the boardroom.

Deirdre O’Neill, Co-founder of Hertility

“We’re incredibly proud to pioneer the Reproductive Revolution in the Employee Benefits space alongside such a progressive and forward-thinking company like PIB, who continue to challenge the status quo of wellbeing support.

Our new partnership with PIB Employee Benefits shines a light on how organisations can better support a diverse workforce by truly catering to employees’ wellbeing. Hormone & reproductive health impacts your weight, your mood, your energy, your sleep and more – beyond just your mental and physical wellbeing – to social, financial and environmental aspects too.

Corporates who pay for IVF and egg-freezing for their employees are unknowingly perpetuating the  behaviour to ‘work longer, have babies later’ – a reactive approach leading to increased rates of IVF. By incorporating proactive measures like hormone & fertility testing alongside these support mechanisms, unnecessary instances of IVF could be prevented.”

This partnership with Hertility will allow PIB Employee Benefits to better support employers in recruitment and retention of a more diverse workforce, whilst also enhancing engagement with their existing employees who may be experiencing symptoms related to their reproductive health.

David Skinner, Managing Director at PIB Employee Benefits:

“We’re delighted to announce our latest partnership with Hertility. Hertility have a unique focus on reproductive health as a fundamental component of wellbeing, and we greatly look forward to working together to enable employers to create a more inclusive and welcoming workplace for all.

Diversity can play a key role in the success of an organisation, but without constructing a workplace wellbeing strategy which is inclusive of all people, many employers struggle to retain employees who do not fit the standard ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

Hertility are striving to change the way employers think about the wellbeing of their people, and we are excited to be with them on this journey.”

About Hertility

Hertility is a women’s health company shaping the future of reproductive healthcare. We’re working with the world’s most forward-thinking companies to proactively support employees across every life-stage with end to end care spanning women’s health, men’s health, fertility and family-forming and menopause.

The workplace wasn’t designed with Every Body in mind, we’re here to change that. We support employers to attract, support and retain a diverse, thriving and innovative workforce with expert-led CPD-accredited educational workshops, comprehensive at-home testing, telemedicine and treatments as well as workplace infrastructure and policy support. We’ve spent years becoming the most regulated at-home reproductive care provider including being fully CQC-approved, MHRA-regulated and CE-marked and we’re committed to providing the highest quality service complete with a clinical care team with unparalleled education and training and a vetted network of partner clinics for further specialist treatment.