PIB Employee Benefits continues to broaden its employee wellbeing proposition through a new strategic partnership with eldercare specialists, Lottie.

Founded in 2021, Lottie’s Seniorcare service combines healthcare expertise and accessible technology to create an eldercare solution which allows users to compare care homes or providers, speak 1-2-1 with a care specialist, or even access discounts and financial support.

Employees with elder dependents are set to outnumber employees with child dependents from 2025. Lottie, Office of National Statistics

As the workforce demographic has continued to evolve, there are now a growing number of employees falling into the “sandwich generation”, which is a term used to describe those who have caring responsibilities for both children and elder relatives. These additional caring responsibilities can significantly impact work performance[1], meaning it is becoming imperative for employers to prioritise carer support within their wellbeing strategy. PIB Employee Benefits recognises this necessity and has teamed up with Lottie to deliver tailored eldercare solutions to businesses across all sectors.

This partnership underscores our determination to helping our clients foster an inclusive and supportive workplace environment, which caters to the diverse needs of employees at every stage of their career. By leveraging Lottie’s innovative platform, employers can provide comprehensive elder care support, ensuring that employees can access vital information and advice on caring for their elder dependents.

“We are thrilled to partner with Lottie to enhance our eldercare offerings and better serve the needs of our clients’ diverse workforce,” said Joanne Neary, Head of Consulting at PIB Employee Benefits. “By integrating Lottie’s eldercare solutions into our benefits proposition, we are reaffirming our commitment to promoting wellbeing and inclusivity in the workplace.”

Through this collaboration, PIB Employee Benefits aims to reshape the approach to eldercare support in the workplace. By harnessing Lottie’s expertise and technology alongside PIB Employee Benefits’ consultative approach, employers can create an environment where employees feel supported, and empowered to thrive.

For more information about PIB Employee Benefits’ elder care proposition, please contact us at [email protected]

[1] Mind the Gap, PIB Employee Benefits 2023