Wellbeing for Expats

Supporting the Wellbeing of a Globally Mobile Workforce

When it comes to managing their wellbeing, expats face unique challenges. From moving miles away from home and family, to increased work pressure and additional financial commitments – it can be a stressful experience for even the most seasoned expatriate worker.

98% of expats have experienced symptoms of burnout1
In our exclusive guide for employers, we look at how companies can provide much-needed support to their expats – wherever they are in the world. Download now and discover:

  • They key challenges facing expats whilst on placement
  • How companies can help mitigate risk of assignment failure
  • Solutions companies can implement to support expat wellbeing
  • Why companies need to prioritise wellbeing support for expats


1 https://www.allianzcare.com/en/employers/business-hub/hr-blogs/2022/09/expat-failure.html